A “bushroots” movement to provide a little bit of light in the dark, connect and grow communities across the country, & create a big impact thru monetary donations and activism. Get the same “good trouble” endorphins from the price of a cocktail…while drinking a cocktail. Here's how it works…
Host a Happy Hour for one or a crowd every Friday leading up to the 2022 November elections. Encourage friends and family to donate the cost of at least one “cocktail” to a cause that will affect positive change. Use the Freedom Fridays website to make a donation directly to an established organization. Spread the word of our effort using the hashtag


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A mom and daughter duo working to build community, inspire action, and make a difference. Motivated by the recent Supreme Court decision on Roe v Wade. Concerned about what's next for the liberties of all creatures great and small on Planet Earth. Trying our best to proactively counter the attack on liberty.
- C & K